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It’s the Green Room

Can Somebody Get Me Out of Here.

The Green Room is about the nervous anticipation that comes with trying something new, waiting to be called out, or just putting yourself out on a limb.

I created the Green Room to share my travels, Thoughts and things I think you should know.

I’m glad that you stop by and hopes that you’ll stay for a while.


Where Do you Want to go Today?

About Jack Hamilton

Hey guys and girls, I’m Jack Hamilton. No Relation to that Hamilton.  I’m a fairly normal guy from Chicago who  knew that there was more to life than a 50+ hour work week, a never ending calendar or boring things to do. Plus, a year spent saving for that mediocre vacation. 

No thanks, not for me (or likely for you).

If you’d like to learn a bit more, just check me out here…

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